How to Wash Your Hands (the right way)

Photo Cred: Jennifer Murray

Alyssia, why are you writing this? Aren’t you an author? Shouldn’t you be telling me how to write a killer first chapter? Wow people with my elite, organic marketing skills?

We’ll get to that, I promise. I’ve got a whole string of blog posts ready to enlighten you on the book writing, publishing and marketing process. Hang tight.

For now, though, while we’re all trapped at home, forced to venture out when we need food in our pantries, I think it’s super important we’re all on the same page, when it comes to sanitization. Washing our hands is something we’ve been doing since forever. You learn at school, at home, at the hospital after someone’s given birth. But what you may not know is the method that actually works to prevent the spread of germs to you and others.

Talking with my oldest last weekend, who, as luck would have it, is a registered nurse, I was shocked by how many people just aren’t do this right. Me included, y’all. Wash my wrists, too? What?? Shut the front door. Worse: he talked about people out and about wearing gloves, which, he says, is not a bad idea. In theory. If you have a whole box of gloves. But wearing the same pair of gloves over and over is literally spreading this thing from one gas pump to another to the produce aisle and door handles.

Yeah. Chew on that.

Which means…you guessed it. Better to learn how to wash your hands the RIGHT way, than wear that trusty pair of surgeon’s gloves you snagged from the doctor’s office last year. When you thought about making cool water balloons in the backyard.

The below-chart is the best one I found online to illustrate the way my nurse-kid described as the correct way to wash your hands. Be mindful, too, that this process, when done correctly, takes approximately 20 – 30 seconds. Singing the Happy Birthday Song is a good way to pass the time. Or a few lines of Uptown Funk. Whatever gets the job done. Also: warm water, cold water, makes no difference. Neither does antibacterial vs. regular soap.

The original link to the photo can be found here.

Hope you all are safe and healthy. Wash your hands.

xoxo – Alyssia

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